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About *Bebo Stud*

Welcome to our website of horses. Bebo stud is located Internationally: 10th of Ramadan City, 50 km away from Cairo, Egypt & Czech Republic near Prague!

Bebo Stud owns a special Stallions collection with internationally recognized names & beautiful top showquality fillies and mares.



JULY 22, 1986 - JULY 23, 2012 

Ruminaja Ali

Glorieta Zaafira
Dam's Sire Ansata Abu Nazeer

Photo:Gigi Grasso

Egypt's Arabian horse breeding is a very ancient one.Magnificent tomb paintings and inscriptions settle,that the Egyptians used horses at least as early as 1580 B.C.When they drove out Hyksos. Mohamed Ali the Great(1805) end his son Ibrahim Pasha were entranced with the beauty and nobility of Arabians.

Over 1100 horses were stabled at Mohamed Ali's luxurious estate at Shoubra,Cairo.Mohamed Ali gave his grand-son Abbas Pasha charge over the breeding stables.He got together 290 mares with stallions to match the absolute pick of the desert,as the most authentic collection of pure blood ever made outside the Peninsula.This,He established as a breeding stud in fantastic desert home.His horses became legendary in their ovwn time,and dignitaries from all over the world,paid them tribute saying"These Horses rival these of king Soloman".

*Bebo Stud*
Stables for breeding pure Egyptian Arabians.Under Supervision of the E.A.O. Reg.No.:167

Bebo Stud

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