Bebo Stud's Stallion HOROOB
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Photo Page 3

Bebo Stud's White Stallion HOROOB EAO(1995 Harras x Hadeel)

...2002 HOROOB & Classic ALDAARA!!!

Such beauty walks our world today...H A Y E L Bebo born!!!

Horoob in El Zahraa October 1998

This is one of Horoob's Shows El Zahraa
Horoob's ex-home Al Zahraa

This is one of Horoob's progeny HAYEL Bebo *2003 Dam Classic Aldaara by Alidaar

Hayel Bebo at home in Bebo stud

This is Arabian Straight Egyptian International Show in France February 1999
Horoob in France Nimmes

This is Horoob's home Bebo Stud
Horoob with his Favorite Arabian sadle

This is one of Horoob's Trips to the Egyptian Desert
One of the Andurance races for 40km

Friends Forever
Horoob is always ready for something new

Friends Forever!
Bebo and Horoob ...This is the Beginning.